Peek-a-boo with a badger

After a weekend of rain and cooler temperatures, we decided to take a trip around and check to see how the wheat was looking.  Some wheat is starting to look really good, and some still has a ways to come, but with the rain from last week and over the weekend, and with rain filling the forecast for the week we are starting to feel more optimistic. My dad is still in Arizona and hasn’t been Read More

Incoming rain copy

9 lives of being green

Last September when we pulled out the drills and got them ready to plant wheat, we also looked at the forecast which had nothing but gloom in sight for us.  We hadn’t received a significant amount of rain since July.  As everyone knows, it takes moisture for plants to grow and wheat is no different.  Typically we would plant the wheat into a bed of soil that would hold enough moisture to allow the seed Read More

Burrowing Owl

Wildlife on the farm

It wouldn’t be an ordinary day on the farm if there wasn’t some sort of wildlife to view.  If it isn’t the great horned owls scowling down at you from the tree branches, or the burrowing owls peering out of their mounds in the ground, it may just be the mule or white tail deer peering at you past the corn stalks or the tiny mice scurrying out of the way from the tractor to Read More


One benefit to the wind….

While taking a break between loading trucks this morning, my uncle and I decided to go for a walk and hunt for arrowheads.  The wind has been blowing extremely hard here the last several days and has blown a lot of ground. We headed out to the field and about 15 minutes into our hunt my uncle yelled that he had found one.  I went over and had a look and found he had a Read More


A bad day

I would imagine that anyone who has worked on a farm has had their fair share of screw ups.  I have for sure!  Fortunately for me, however, the above picture was not my mistake, really it wasn’t the mistake of my husband, either, even though he was the driver of the combine when this incident happened. It all started as a normal, fall October day.  My husband, Chad, had come out to the farm to Read More


Every bit helps….

It has been so arid in our country, the last measurable rainfall we saw was in July, and this winter’s snowstorms have fallen short only leaving us with a trace to maybe an inch of snow. A snowstorm was predicted for earlier this week, it had predictions to bring us 3″-5″ of snowfall, however, when the front finally arrived it only blew in freezing drizzle and a trace of snow.  Every little bit of moisture Read More

Over East

A name, a memory, a good match.

“The old Kral place or Over East”, that’s how we know which field we are talking about when we look at the above picture.  I hear it quite often about farmers, that most don’t label their fields by sections, or by roads, they label them by how they know them. When I first started coming home to help out with harvest, after I had moved away, I found it very difficult to navigate.  The grain Read More

Morning Deer

“Let nature breathe new life into you”

    Crisp, fresh, cool fall air……that’s what I get to breathe on those mornings in early November on my way to the farm.  On this specific morning, I came across this buck standing in the middle of the road.  It was just me and him, luckily I had seen him long before I got close and could slow the vehicle before we had a too close encounter.  As I started slowing I was sure he Read More