Finishing harvest with a boom!

You will find me posting many of my pictures that I take on my blog.  I am not a photographer by any means, but I love to carry my camera with me and capture the beauty I see every day.  This picture was taken the last day of wheat harvest.  It had been a really long harvest and we were pushing to beat this storm.  This was a really lucky shot for me, and it wasn’t the only picture I took. The lightning was popping like crazy, and from my view it was absolutely stunning seeing the flashes behind the combines.  I grabbed my camera and took a constant stream of pictures, but it never failed the second I quit snapping the lightning would strike.  As you can see, the combine was getting full and I needed to do my job so I gave it one last snap and BAM I caught it.  I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to get to share the pictures with the crew.

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