I’m not the Farmer’s wife….I am the Farmer!

You may be asking why I am using this slogan.  It seems like every day on Facebook, or in magazines, etc. I see the slogan “Farmer’s wife”.  You can buy t-shirts, mugs, signs, etc. with this slogan, but I never, ever see anything about the “Farmer’s husband” or the “Wife who is the Farmer”.  Do I think this is people being sexist, no!  What I do believe is that there are not very many farmer’s that are women, and having a slogan to go along with this wouldn’t profit them, so I do understand.  At the same time, though, I do want people to know there are women farmer’s out there.  Women who are the “Farmer” in their family with a husband at home who understands the life of a “Farmer’s wife”.

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