First Poem

I decided to take a daily one-word challenge I had seen on a blog site.  The word of the day was “sated”.  When I sat down I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but when I was finished I ended up with a poem.  I have never, ever written a poem before, but the words just kept flowing and I just kept typing.  I hope you enjoy!

May is here
The time is near
There is corn to plant
There can be no time to rant
The corn is planted
The weather has granted
Beautiful rain
No reason to complain.

June is here
Millet we shall drill
For the birds will need to eat
And we hope the weather shall not defeat.

Up next is July
It’s time to say goodbye
To the golden wheat we planted
When the weather was enchanted
Wheat harvest can be so long
We can work all nightlong
But in the end it’s a magical time
That brings many families to dinnertime.

August is next in line
We hope the millet will do just fine.

September has now arrived
By no means are we feeling deprived
It’s a busy month for us
Drilling the wheat will not be a bust
Into the ground the seed will go
Hoping the ground will not blow
Praying for the first green sprout
To show us what the wheat is all about.

October is in the air
Corn harvest will be quite an affair
We hope to see the yellow corn roll
Into the combines and filling them whole.

Seeds are all planted
Crops are all harvested
For all the time we have waited
Farming makes us feel extremely sated.

Daily Prompt: Sated

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