Out with the old, in with the new

Some may look at them as just boots that I am throwing out, but I look at them as memories, memories that I will always treasure, whether good or bad.

These boots have been with me for a full year, and through that year we have seen a lot.  We have been through corn planting together, a stressful but learning memory, a time of daily breakdowns spent teaching me new mechanical skills to take with me through life.

We went through millet drilling and on to wheat harvest together.  We spent the month of July harvesting the golden, ripe fields of wheat.  A time spent with family and friends, laughing with each other and being irritated with each other.  We saw the harvest field sunrises and the late evening wheat field sunsets together.

Millet harvest was a blur, but it was together with my boots.  Then onto wheat drilling where we spent the month of September.  Back and forth, back and forth through the fields to plant wheat seed that will grow for another wheat harvest of memories…memories I will share with a new pair of boots.

Slipping off these old, gray, weathered boots for one last time doesn’t mean I will be losing all the memories we shared, it simply means I will be putting on new, shiny black boots which will follow me through life’s journey making new memories as they come.

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