Watching the sunset flee into the night

The smell of earthy, dry dirt;
the crunch of the dirt between my teeth,
and the cool, crisp autumn air breeze
tingling my cheeks.
The feel of gritty dirt underneath my nails;
the subtle sweet taste of fall moisture on my tongue,
and the heavy aroma filling the air of the freshly cut corn.
Vibrant yet fading yellows, oranges, and browns
as I watch the sun flee into the night.
Saying goodbye to another corn harvest sunset;
a new morning sunrise soon to be on the horizon.

via Daily Prompt: Flee

4 thoughts on “Watching the sunset flee into the night

  1. Nice work, QFC! I love sunrises and sets…the transitions of the day. Love how you evoked the smell and taste of the earth…in fact you hit all the senses!

    Just two days ago I took a short, late afternoon walk along a park and was inhaling all kinds of earthy musk…the leaves, the dirt. I love those smells and just stopped and took it all in! The wind running through the trees! The lengthening of long shadows from the closing of the day…I simply love that time of day. As a kid on our own small “farm,” and messing around “in the back forty” in the Adirondack woods of upstate NY, I also well-know the taste of dirt…as well as the dirt that never truly leaves from under your fingernails or the ridges of your callouses. I was actually always proud of that! :-] And my wife and I visited some of her Montana relatives a couple of years ago, one set who still farms up there, and I got to ride along in one of those huge pieces of equipment, the name of which I no longer remember (a “harvester”?), harvesting wheat.The aroma of that fresh-cut wheat was so grounding (pardon the pun) and soul reaching! I loved just walking his property….

    So thanks for evoking all this in me with your short prose poem! The wonderful smells and tastes and winds of the earth should bring us all back to what it is to be human and a part of the environment in which we all live, take for granted, and are actually a PART OF, not separate!

    • Queen Farm Chick says:

      Yes!! You completely get it! Thank you for your wonderful comment. First thing I read this morning was your positive outlook and it made my day. I hope, going forward, that you are able to not just “see” my photos, but that you are able to envision the smells, tastes and feels of the photo as well. Have a wonderful day, and thank you again!

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