Imperfectly Perfect

As I stood staring out my back door this morning with my warm, steaming coffee in hand, I stood watching like I do most mornings for the deer that occasionally bless us with their presence.  I haven’t seen them for several weeks now, and I have to say I am quite disappointed that they haven’t ventured our way lately.

Scoping out the beautiful white countryside, that was just last night covered in 4″ inches of fresh, powdery snow, I noticed how everything looked so fresh and wintery.  The back fence line caught my eye, with the sun rising behind it creating a gleaming sparkle against the snow that sat heaped on the posts, I couldn’t be more tempted than to go grab my camera and snap a few photos.  However, in glancing to my left I noticed the frigid temperature that held barely above 0 degrees.  I decided I would take my coffee, curl up on the couch and hope for the temperatures to warm up.

As the hours passed, I occasionally passed by the back door, checking the temperature, but nothing was changing and it was still cold as ever.  Temptation finally gave in, and my desire to capture the shot of what I was seeing grew too strong, so I grabbed my overalls, threw on my snow boots, gloves, and hat, and went out the door camera in hand.

After I got the pictures I had been so tempted to snap all morning long, I made my way back into the house to see if I had captured the picture I had been envisioning all morning long.  Not only had I captured the picture, but once I got to looking at what I had taken I saw more than what I had originally seen.  Imperfections….imperfections not in the photo itself, but in the fence, imperfections that are “imperfectly perfect”.  I don’t know how long this fence has stood here, but I imagine it has been here for many, many decades.

So much hard work went into the building of this fence, I know from experience that it is very exhausting and time-consuming to build a fence, and I am sure many long hours went into maintaining it.  It still stands today, weathering through many cold winters and many hot summers, but through all it’s imperfections, it stands today allowing me to take what I consider to be the “perfect” picture.

via Daily Prompt: Tempted

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