“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come”

This turned out to be such a cool picture, and the quote couldn’t be more perfect for it!  I always try to get pictures through the mirrors, for some reason it just always seems to be a different view, different than taking a direct picture.  However, they never turn out, except for this one.  I bet I have deleted hundreds of pictures similar to this one, I always am snapping shots while sitting in the tractor, but the mirrors are always too dirty, the focus is always off because of the bouncing, or for some other reason they just don’t turn out.

I had snapped several pictures before this, but the mirror was covered in dirt, dust, and mud so it just wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to.  I finally decided I would climb out and onto the side of the tractor to clean the mirror, to get that one shot I could mentally see, just physically couldn’t get.  It is no small task to clean this very mirror, as it sticks out on the side of the tractor where there are no steps.  In order to reach it, I had to climb up the back of the tractor, past all the hydraulic hoses, onto the 3-point where I had to carefully balance myself while pulling myself up.  Once up and standing I had to step onto the back of the tractor and walk over to the tire, from there I had to carefully balance myself while reaching out to clean the mirror.

Once the mirror had been cleaned and I had safely made it back to the cab of the tractor, I was set to take the picture.  I waited patiently as the combine grew nearer, snapping away on my camera hoping to snag that perfect shot.  Once I had all the pictures, and the combine had been dumped, I went through my camera only to find I had finally captured that shot I had been envisioning.   I began playing with the photo software to see if I could improve the shot even more, and I succeeded.  I loved how the picture turned out with the background blurry and the main focus being on the combine in the mirror.

As I sat down at my computer the other day trying to decide which quote I wanted to use with this picture, it didn’t take long before I came across the perfect one.  Everything about this picture and quote were perfect for each other.  In viewing the combine through the mirror, we are not just seeing what is physically behind us, we are also seeing the success of another year’s corn crop, the success of hard earned equipment, and for me the success of a picture I finally succeeded at taking.

5 thoughts on ““The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come”

  1. Ha, and people just think we just point-and-shoot! The Philistines. 😛 They don’t know the extra mile we have to go through to sometimes get a good shot! Thanks for going the extra mile and not just blowing it off because of all the extra effort needed to compose that shot! I certainly didn’t realize what you had to do just to clean that mirror! Great quote, great image! Nice job, QFC!

    • Queen Farm Chick says:

      Thanks! So true about getting the shot. Sometimes it may taking laying on the ground or climbing up high just to get the shot we are envisioning, but in the end it is always worth it if you get the shot!

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