“Let nature breathe new life into you”



Crisp, fresh, cool fall air……that’s what I get to breathe on those mornings in early November on my way to the farm.  On this specific morning, I came across this buck standing in the middle of the road.  It was just me and him, luckily I had seen him long before I got close and could slow the vehicle before we had a too close encounter.  As I started slowing I was sure he would decide I was too close for comfort, me and my big, bright red service truck, but as I grew closer he never made a move to clear the road. As the brakes squealed to a stop, my new friend decided it was time, and mosied his way to the side of the road.

He was such a beautiful site, standing there tall and proud, it was as though he was begging me to take notice of him.  He may not have had the biggest set of antlers in the country, and he may not have been the biggest deer, but this buck stood with such confidence that you would swear he ruled the countryside.

Who could resist the opportunity to snap a photograph of this handsome creature?  I, of course, could not.  In amongst my awe of this magnificent creature of nature, I stumbled to get my camera free of its case.  I finally succeeded and freed my camera, capturing such a stunning shot of this animal as he released a breath, a final sigh of content before he leaped over the fence and vanished from my view.

It is these magical experiences with nature that remind me that there is so much beauty in this world.  I often feel so blessed that I grew up in the country, where my deep breaths fill my lungs with clean country air, and I get to experience such amazing creatures who can exude such peace.

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