Every bit helps….

It has been so arid in our country, the last measurable rainfall we saw was in July, and this winter’s snowstorms have fallen short only leaving us with a trace to maybe an inch of snow.

A snowstorm was predicted for earlier this week, it had predictions to bring us 3″-5″ of snowfall, however, when the front finally arrived it only blew in freezing drizzle and a trace of snow.  Every little bit of moisture is welcome, but in such dry times as these, with spring just around the corner and crops in the ground begging for moisture, we can always hope for a more significant storm to relieve some of the stress.

The storm may not have brought much snow, but the freezing drizzle did bring in some beauty with it.  With the lower temperatures, the drizzle started sticking to everything, including the grama grass that covers our pasture.  After only a few hours the pasture was completely covered in ice.  It was truly breathtaking, each crystal of ice catching sunlight and glimmering back at us making the country beam with beauty.

SunriseAs I was out taking pictures, I was walking through the crystalized grass, and it wasn’t just in its appearance that held the beauty, it was also in the music it now made.  With every step I took, the grass and icicles rubbed against each other, filling the silence with a calming, delicate chime.


We will continue to hope for more moisture, being dryland farmers our crops rely on mother nature to provide us with all of its moisture, but in the meantime, I plan on taking full advantage of what mother nature does give us and hope to capture each opportunity of her dazzling displays of radiance.


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5 thoughts on “Every bit helps….

  1. INCREDIBLE shots, Jill! I especially love that top one! Way to take on a “target of opportunity”! :-] I was going to hit a park early-early today, with its snow covering (now gone) but just had to hit my short stories, instead. Haven’t done a lot of writing this week….

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Queen Farm Chick says:

      Thank you! We have had nothing but hard winds all day and with the drought we have been having a lot of fields are blowing now :(. We are located in Woodrow, Colorado, very, very small town in Northeastern Colorado.

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