One benefit to the wind….

While taking a break between loading trucks this morning, my uncle and I decided to go for a walk and hunt for arrowheads.  The wind has been blowing extremely hard here the last several days and has blown a lot of ground.

We headed out to the field and about 15 minutes into our hunt my uncle yelled that he had found one.  I went over and had a look and found he had a perfect, unbroken arrowhead.  I walked away, jealous of course, hoping my luck would turn around.  10 minutes passed and once again my uncle yelled he had found yet another.  I am very competitive, and I know the thrill you get when you find an arrowhead so I was extremely jealous at this point, but determined as ever that I would find my own.  It only took me a short 5 minutes to have my own success.  My arrowhead was laying in the bare ground, gleaming up at me, begging me to pick it up.  Just a minute later I found half an arrowhead to add to my collection.

It is such a thrill to find one of these magnificent pieces of art.  I can’t even imagine the work that went into them, but today I feel privileged to find such a masterpiece and to be able to add them to my collection.

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  1. Hi Jill, I read your About (that where I go first to any blog)–and was impressed, actually got a little teary-eyed–such a wholesome, healthy, positive, feel-good life you’ve got going. God bless you and your family.

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