9 lives of being green

Last September when we pulled out the drills and got them ready to plant wheat, we also looked at the forecast which had nothing but gloom in sight for us.  We hadn’t received a significant amount of rain since July.  As everyone knows, it takes moisture for plants to grow and wheat is no different.  Typically we would plant the wheat into a bed of soil that would hold enough moisture to allow the seed to sprout and root down to even more moisture.  This year was different, there wasn’t any moisture in the ground, but with our fingers crossed we went ahead and planted our wheat crop into dry dirt.

Fast forward to March 2017.  This winter has been a very dry and warm winter for us.  It just isn’t producing the moisture the crops long for.  My uncle and I took a trip out to look at crops a few weeks ago, and on our return trip home we were very disappointed and to be honest, depressed.  There just wasn’t much wheat up, and with several days of high winds, it appeared what little moisture the winter had brought was gone.  We looked at the forecast and all we could see was warm temperatures and more high winds.

Last week I took another trip around to look at the crops, and to my shocking surprise, I saw green.  I could now row many of the fields of wheat, and fields that I had told my dad were losses were now greening up and showing some hope for a crop.  I have heard a lot of farmers say wheat has 9 lives, and this year it seems to be proving that theory.  Based on what I saw several weeks ago I would have told you we were in for a total loss, but last week the wheat was proving to me that it was “easy being green”.

At the start of this week, our forecast was for once showing signs of much-needed moisture.  As we made our way through the week, the forecast continually changed.  One day we had a 70% chance of rain and the next we had a 10% chance.  Last night when we went to bed, our windows rattling with once again high winds, we could only hope that we would wake up to some sort of moisture, whether it be rain or snow.

I woke up around 12:30 this morning to what was music to my ears, RAIN!  It was such an amazing noise to hear, each individual drop hitting the window in a rapid succession.  When I got up this morning the first thing I did was check the rain gauge, and with such a relief lifted off my shoulders we had received 3/4 of an inch of rain.  There is no describing how much stress this relieves off the farmers.

There is still several months between now and harvest, many stresses for the wheat to still endure, but for now we are relishing in what we have and breathing a little easier for the time being.

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5 thoughts on “9 lives of being green

    • Queen Farm Chick says:

      I see what you are talking about, I can’t find it either. When I go into my settings it shows it is check marked to show up, but it clearly isn’t because I can’t find it on my desktop or phone. Hopefully just a minor glitch for the moment…

  1. There it is! Liking away! :-]

    This drought must really have all farmers stressed out. A good, soaking rain is such a beautiful sound! And 3/4 inches, wow, not a lot, but pretty decent considering recent weather patterns!

    • Queen Farm Chick says:

      Yes it was such a relief. This new weather pattern we are in is looking very hopeful, especially compared to what we were in. More rain today and hopefully more throughout the week!

  2. Has wheat changed since my grandfather was a young man? One reason they planted wheat in the dry Kansas fields was because they didn’t have to irrigate or worry if it didn’t rain. Or so I was told. That was many decades ago. Perhaps new strains require more water and effort.

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