Wildlife on the farm

It wouldn’t be an ordinary day on the farm if there wasn’t some sort of wildlife to view.  If it isn’t the great horned owls scowling down at you from the tree branches, or the burrowing owls peering out of their mounds in the ground, it may just be the mule or white tail deer peering at you past the corn stalks or the tiny mice scurrying out of the way from the tractor to their holes.  You may see a slithering rattlesnake or bullsnake crossing the road, or a furred coyote leaping out of the weeds from their hiding spot, but you surely can’t miss the hawks circling above while trying to spy their next meal.

Farming has all its beauties and wildlife is definitely one of them.  I never know what I might see and this is why I always carry my camera with me.  Although the wildlife is usually much quicker than me getting my camera out, occasionally I snap a photo of that rare animal that you don’t ordinarily see, but you know it is lurking somewhere in the distance.

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6 thoughts on “Wildlife on the farm

  1. Wow, great shots! Thanks for sharing!

    I remember seeing my first-ever ground/burrowing owls! It was in a field outside of Hooper, Colorado, north of Alamosa, and their were all kinds of young ones playing around! It was hilarious! They were actually playing with each other, while a parent was nearby keeping an eye out over them. The young ones rammed into and hopped all over each other, it was so cool to watch!

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