Peek-a-boo with a badger

After a weekend of rain and cooler temperatures, we decided to take a trip around and check to see how the wheat was looking.  Some wheat is starting to look really good, and some still has a ways to come, but with the rain from last week and over the weekend, and with rain filling the forecast for the week we are starting to feel more optimistic.

My dad is still in Arizona and hasn’t been able to see the progress of the wheat so I was taking pictures of some of the fields to send to him.  I came upon this field and as I raised my phone to snap the photo I caught movement.  I only caught the back end of the badger before he headed into his hole, but I knew exactly what is was based on the size of his hole.

I pulled my vehicle off to the side of the road and shut it off, I pulled out my camera and sat, waiting patiently.  It only took a few minutes before this badger peeked his head out to check and see if I was gone.  I snapped pictures in rapid succession as the badger stared me down.  I wasn’t brave enough to actually step out of the vehicle, although I’m sure I probably could have gotten a little closer, the safety of my vehicle was where I was going to stay as these creatures can be really mean and I wasn’t going to test my luck over a picture.

It’s amazing how many of these creatures live in our area, although it is fairly rare to actually catch a photo of them because they are so skittish and usually find their holes before I can grab my camera.  Even though I didn’t get the whole badger, I thought this photograph turned out pretty awesome.

5 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo with a badger

  1. Ha! That is SUCH an incredible shot, Jill! And it’s so cute! Framable! You have such a dense array of characters in your fields, and it’s so neat that you’re able to capture them! Great job! AND there’s a lot of GREEN in that picture, so hopefully you’ll have a great wheat harvest!

    • Queen Farm Chick says:

      This rain has been a tremendous amount of help and really perked everything up. Love seeing green again!

  2. I’ve seen badgers, but usually from the side or rear as they scampered away. I, too, did not realize their face and head were shaped like a dog’s, at least the top part. Their snouts are rather different, as I recall. (It’s been a few decades, and those fleeting glimpses grow fuzzy.)

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