Happiness is…..planting a seed.

Planting season has officially begun!  Our goal for planting corn this year was to begin around the 10th of May, but rain showers moved through bringing us some much-needed moisture, pushing back our original start date.

Saturday, May 13 rolled around, the ground had dried out, the planter had been serviced and it was time to roll.  I hopped into the cab of the tractor, eager to get planting, only to find that the computers were not so eager to begin this journey with me.

I have always loved to plant corn.  With a 60 foot planter, I always feel like I glide through the fields, getting much accomplished each day, but last year had me changing my mind and by the end of planting last year I had fallen out of love with it.  It seemed like every single day last year we had a problem.  We would shut the planter down for the night, only to return the next morning with a new issue.  I would be determined to get an early start and end up not getting started until later in the morning to early afternoon due to having to fix whatever issue arose.

When the tractor started out this year giving me fits before I ever even hit the field, I was extremely frustrated.  I had prepared myself for this, but still had high hopes that I would be wrong and it would be a smooth 2017 plant year.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t starting off so well.  After hours on the phone with JD support, we realized it wasn’t something we could fix over the phone, so I waited for a few more hours for support to arrive and within 5 minutes of arriving he had the issue resolved.  I would like to say I was upset by the fact that it was a 5-minute fix and I had spent hours trying to fix it myself, but ultimately I was just relieved it was an easy fix and I was up and ready to roll.

Here I am now, 5 days later (21,977,407 seeds planted), and I think I have fallen back in love with planting.  Aside from the first-day hiccup, planting has been smooth sailing.  I had a minor setback on Tuesday evening with one of the fans going out on the planter, but it was overall an easy fix and I was back up and running in no time.

Rain showers rolled in late last night causing planting to be delayed, but I won’t complain because the rain is always welcome and I know the wheat and freshly planted corn will appreciate the drink.

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