Ending the day with rainbows

You can’t judge a book by its cover, at least that’s the saying anyways.  I feel like this was how my day was yesterday.  Just because my morning started off crappy, it didn’t mean my whole day was going to be crappy so I need not judge my morning on how my day was to go.

My morning started off with me heading South to try and finish custom planting some corn.  It has been a drawn out planting season due to the moisture we have been receiving on a daily basis (I am not complaining).  It starts to become a little stressful because we have deadlines we need to meet, and we are pushing the limits on the ground being dry enough to run the planter on.

I decided I would take a drive around the fields before I went and got the tractor, I wanted to scope out the lagoons in the fields and see what kind of challenges I was up against.  As I suspected, the ground was still saturated and it was looking like it may be a muddy mess, but none-the-less I hoped in the tractor and headed to the field.

The first field I came upon had a rather large lagoon along the road.  At first, I was going to avoid it but decided I may as well take my chances and see if I could get through it.  As I sped through the lagoon, I realized it was going to be solid enough and I shouldn’t have any issues.  I typically plant one end row, make a pass through the field and then add the end rows on the opposite end of the field.  This way I have a gauge as to where to turn around at.  I had done my end rows on the East side of the field and made my pass, through the lagoon through the field and needed to add my end rows on the West half of the field.  As I was heading North on my first pass of end rows I soon realized I had misjudged where the wet spots were in the field.  As the tractor began to bog down, I turned to find my planter was sinking fast into the ground.  I kicked the tractor in high gear and barreled my way out of the mud.

Great, right?  I had made it without getting stuck.  Wrong!  I had made it through the muddy spot, but in turning around I soon realized I had gotten myself on the other side of a mud hole and had no idea how to get back through.  I called my dad at this point and asked him to bring the Gator over to run through the field and try and find me a dry spot.  I got out of the tractor and walked around the field, trying to find a spot I felt was solid enough for me to get through.  I finally determined the path I was going to take, it looked like it was higher ground and fairly solid.  I called my dad back and told him my plan, his last words before we hung up was “DON’T GET STUCK”!  Feeling confident in my decision, I revved up the engine and drove forward.  As the engine of the tractor rapidly started to bog down, I soon realized I was not as confident as I had been 1 minute ago, and boy oh boy was my dad going to be pissed.  As the tractor came to a stop, I turned around to assess the damage.  The planter was buried in mud, along with the tractor.  I had officially stuck the planter in mud!


Swallowing my pride, I picked up the phone and called my dad.  It really sucks to have to admit defeat, especially when you just got told not to do something and you turned around and did just that thing.  I told my dad he may as well turn around and go get the tractor because I was going to need to be pulled out.

Thirty minutes later my dad and uncle arrived with the tractor, and ultimately it was fairly easy to pull the tractor out.  I continued to plant the field, giving the wet area a wide birth and going nowhere near it again.

I planted the rest of the day with no issues.  It came in and rained around 5:00 pm which was frustrating because I only had 50 acres left before I was done, but when I was loading my stuff into the vehicle I turned to see two rainbows reminding me that there is beauty in every day.  I went home last night and ended up getting to sit down to dinner with my girls and my husband, and after dinner, some friends came over to hang out with us.

My day may have started out as a muddy mess, but in the end, it all worked out and the day proved to be a memorable and enjoyable day!

3 thoughts on “Ending the day with rainbows

  1. I love it when a days turns itself around. I think sometimes it’s too easy to keep looking for the bad things: calamity after calamity instead of thinking of a bad instance as just one piece of the day.

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