“Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind.”

So I realized I have been way too serious lately and I needed a little “silly” in my life.  What better way to do that than to share one of my funny farm stories.

It’s probably been about 5 years ago.  I was just getting back into farming with my dad and learning the equipment.  Ever since I was little the tractor has been what I ran.  Whether it was the grain cart, disking, blading, etc. it was always in the tractor.

It was corn season and I had heard my dad and uncle talk about how the corn header was too heavy for the front of the combine and was scary to take down the roads because of the offset of the weight.  I never really thought more into it, though, because I didn’t drive the combine so it wasn’t an issue for me.

One day out of the blue, I honestly can’t even remember why my dad requested it, but he asked me to move the combine back to our shop.  He gave me the usual lecture on being careful because it is very touchy steering and so on.  He also gave me a reminder about how the header was heavier than the back end and if you came to too sudden of a stop it would tip it.

I am already nervous because this is all new to me, and this piece of equipment is massive, and now you throw a weight issue on top of it.  So I took some deep breathes and jumped into the driver’s seat.

I slowly pull out onto the road and go to stop the combine to put it in road gear.  As I pull back on the hydrostat (I clearly had already been going too fast) the combine starts to tip forward.  Now let me tell you, instinct is to pull back on the hydrostat because as you are tipping forward you want to go backwards so you naturally pull back.  This is the wrong thing to do because you are only making the situation worse by making the combine stop even quicker, forcing you to tip faster.

So as I am tipping forward, lots of words are coming out of my mouth that is not so nice.  Thankfully the header is durable and I wasn’t moving all that fast because as the header hits the ground it bounces me back up and back onto all four tires.

All I can think at this point is I hope no one saw that.  The next thing that goes through my mind is my dad is totally going to say “I told you so”.  

I successfully managed to move the combine back to the shop…..very, very slowly.  My dad did make the comment that it “took me long enough” to get back.  I was honest with him about what happened and he only shared his stories with me about the times he had tipped it.

To this day I still giggle looking back.  I always wish, at the time, that no one was watching, but later down the road, when I look back, I always wish someone had a video (especially of my face).  I like to make fun of myself and I like to share my funny situations with others.   I try not to be too serious in life (unless I have to) and taking situations such as this and laughing is what gets me through life some days.

Be Silly

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