Know the Blogger


Yee-Haw!  You saw “farm chick” and automatically assumed that’s how I would start my “about me blog”, right?  Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not me.  Maybe you assume I am extremely vain, I mean I do call myself the “Queen Farm Chick”, right?  Nope, not vain, Queen is actually my family name.  I am married and have been since I was 19 years old, but my family name means a lot to me and I thought what better name for my blog than “Queen Farm Chick”.  So you understand the “Queen” part, but now on to explain the “Farm Chick”.  I started helping my dad on the farm when I was pretty young.  I helped him off and on during my years at home before college.  I can’t say I exactly loved it back then because I was young and there were much better things to be doing than driving a tractor, but I did it to help out and I did it because I got paid.

When I graduated from high school I moved to the city to go to college.  I ended up spending 13 years away from home, and in that time I married the love of my life, graduated with an Associates degree, had two children, managed a Cytology laboratory and grew up.

5 years ago my husband and I decided to move back to the small town I was raised in.  We decided to build a home in the country and send our girls to a “small town” school.  Things worked out and it just so happened my dad needed help.  I have since been working for my dad on the farm and I absolutely love what I am doing.  I love it so much I decided to take on the role of “Farmer” last year.

Brainstorming on how to explain to my readers what I wanted to write about, I first came up with Family and Farming and realized they both started with “F’s”.  What better way to make this extremely interesting than to try and fit everything I want to talk about in this blog and make it start with the letter “F”.  Don’t worry folks, I will keep it clean because I know what you were thinking ;).  Here we go:

  1. Farming – Growing up as a Farmer’s daughter and learning to become a Farmer.
  2. Fotos – I know, I know, it’s not spelled right, but this is going to be a huge part of my blog and I can’t leave it out,  I love taking pictures of what I get to see and I want to share them with the world.
  3. Family – 1 husband, 2 daughters, 1 pug, 2 labrador retrievers, 1 st. bernard, 2 cats, and 1 fish….enough said!
  4. Father – He has been a huge part of why I am taking the steps I am taking today.
  5. Freedom – You won’t find me talking politics on here, no way, but I want to talk about the freedom I feel when I am in the open country and I hope to share that with you in my pictures.
  6. Friends – Farm friends, family friends, forever friends
  7. Fortunate – What do I feel fortunate about?  Was I fortunate this year with my success?
  8. Failing – Oh this should be a good one!  Yes I plan on sharing my screw ups with the world and trust me there will be plenty (I promise to hide nothing and I promise to share past mistakes as well)
  9. Food –  Recipes?  Suggestions?  Maybe!
  10. Fun – Of course!
  11. Foliage – In farming there will be plenty of foliage and I hope to share them with my pictures as well as explaining some of the diseases that affect our crops and how we handle them.
  12. Facts – I will always try and stick to the facts, but I will also throw in my opinions ;).
  13. Fatigued – Good one!  I’m sure you have heard the expression “Farmers work in acres, not hours”.
  14. Filthy – Girls get dirty too!
  15. Firearms – I don’t know, it’s an idea so maybe.
  16. Friendly – Everyone should be friendly.
  17. Free spirit – My husband said I had to add this because this describes me.
  18. Frenzied – Seems to be a common word used at both home and work.
  19. Fearful – who doesn’t have fears.
  20. Finally – I just realized in all of this I never actually introduced myself.  Hello, my name is Jill.  I truly hope you enjoy my blog.