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Every summer I find several deer sheds.  We cover a lot of ground while farming and it is usually inevitable that we find at least one if not several.  I have been collecting these for several years now…well I should say I pick them up and my husband collects them. I finally decided I wanted to do something with them so I did a little research and decided I was going to start painting and selling them.

My house is decorated in patriotic colors (red, white and blue) and I love the Denver Broncos (orange and blue) so I decided that since that’s what I like, that’s what I would paint.  I bought me some acrylic paints and went at it.  My first couple were the tests and they didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked, but as I went on I got much better at figuring out how to make them look *almost* perfect.


The hardest part I have found when painting these antlers is getting the tape around the antler in a straight circle.  I still am not sure I am exactly perfect at it, but I went and bought me a fabric ruler and picked a specific spot (ex. the split between the points) and measured all the way around, making marks to follow by.  I then used painters tape to go around it.  You have to cut the painters tape into small strips to ensure you get the tape lined up directly with the pencil lines.

Once you have your tape secure you are ready to paint.  Let paint dry completely before removing it so you don’t accidentally smudge it.  If you want to do multiple colors, just repeat steps.  If you are going to have two colors next to each other, just tape over the previous color you painted (again, make sure paint is completely dry or when you remove the tape you will also remove the paint.

If you would like to add wording like I have done, you can purchase stickers at your local store.  I got mine at Walmart for $0.99.  I placed them on the antler prior to painting.  I made sure they were lined up and looked good.  I took the bottom end of my brush (see example above) and made sure the sticker was nice and stuck to the antler.  Once this was completed I painted over the top of the letters.  Once the paint was dry I removed the stickers.

If you are interested in purchasing some of my antlers which have already been painted you can visit my Etsy store.


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