Farmer copy

The Anticipation of a Farmer

Every June the scene is the same, my dad standing in a wheat field, bent over, inspecting the wheat.  He is inspecting the wheat for diseases, insects, yields, signs of drought, etc.  He may argue that he is no expert, but after spending his life on the farm, many would beg to differ. For him, it all begins in the middle of September when we plant the first wheat seed into the ground; the anticipation begins. Read More


Watching the sunset flee into the night

The smell of earthy, dry dirt; the crunch of the dirt between my teeth, and the cool, crisp autumn air breeze tingling my cheeks. The feel of gritty dirt underneath my nails; the subtle sweet taste of fall moisture on my tongue, and the heavy aroma filling the air of the freshly cut corn. Vibrant yet fading yellows, oranges, and browns as I watch the sun flee into the night. Saying goodbye to another corn Read More

Old House

“Just because it’s not useful anymore, doesn’t mean it’s not still beautiful”~unknown

I went out on an adventure this morning with my camera to capture whatever caught my eye.  I happened to drive past this old house and snapped a few pictures.  When I got back and started working with this picture, the beauty of the home became more and more apparent to me.  I wanted to find a quote that showed how I was feeling when I looked at this photo and after searching the internet I think Read More

Boots copy

Out with the old, in with the new

Some may look at them as just boots that I am throwing out, but I look at them as memories, memories that I will always treasure, whether good or bad. These boots have been with me for a full year, and through that year we have seen a lot.  We have been through corn planting together, a stressful but learning memory, a time of daily breakdowns spent teaching me new mechanical skills to take with me Read More


“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.” ~George Washington

This is one of my favorite pictures from 2016.  I have been told before that I have “too much sky” in my pictures.  Maybe so, but to me, it is the sky that in the end makes the picture.  A tractor can’t pose, it is always just the big green machine, but adding such a beautiful background as this shows, to me, the beauty of farming.  I remember this day of drilling very well.  I Read More